Bactericidal flow air recirculator up to 60 meters sq.ORBB 30х3 Gorizont MAX EFFECT

Brand: BactoSfera


ID: ORBB 30/3

EAN: 4820174312213


Bacterial efficiency 99.9%.

The BactoSfera bactericidal recirculator is designed for the safe quartzification (disinfection) of indoor air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, other infectious microorganisms and harmful substances.

The main advantage of the recirculator is the ability to quartz the space in the presence of people, animals and plants. Completely safe for humans, animals and plants. No mandatory room ventilation is required.

Recommended for I, II, III, IV, V category rooms up to 30m2

I - surgery, childbirth, sterile zones, as , maternity hospital for children Chamber as
II - dressing rooms, sterilization room a s patients immunocompromised Chamber and departments, non-sterile zone resuscitation rooms, bacteriology and virology laboratories , blood transfusion stations, pharmaceutical workshop III - wards , offices and other premises not included in categories
I and II . IV - , children's playrooms , school classrooms , living rooms in industrial and public buildings with a high density of people with long stays
V - smoking rooms a s, public toilets and stairs space

I r is equipped with high-quality ozone-free bactericidal lamps with a maximum ultraviolet radiation of 257.3 nm. The effective life of the lamps shall be at least 9000 hours.


Programmable timer

You can create up to 10 different programs to automatically turn the recirculator on and off based on the days, hours and minutes of the week. It is very convenient and efficient. For example, a program that can be convenient for J mustache Office: automatic recirculator activation every day from Monday to Friday from.9:00 to pm.18:30 Lunch with the automatic exclusion of oil during the 1 hour + Saturday Switching from at.10:00 pm.16:00 with automatic shut-off at lunch break + on Sunday the recirculator rests and so in a circle.

Lamp performance indicators

Indicates the efficiency of recirculating bactericidal lamps. A bright blue glow indicates the normal operation of the lamp, a pink glow warns of the end of the effective operation of the lamp - it is necessary to replace the lamp with a new one, and if there is no light, it means that the lamp does not work. In addition, each indicator is responsible for the operation of one lamp.

3. Construction

The special feature is that both fans in the recirculator are exhaust fans and two air collectors with protection against external direct UV - C rays are located on the air side surfaces of the device. This design allows you to double the level of air permeability, which disinfects the air faster. As well as inside the recirculator housing, there are airtight covers on the protective openings for traction (air speed). The recirculator housing can be easily disassembled for user maintenance, and the exhaust fan dust filters can be removed without even disassembling the housing - by removing the outer fan covers.


Recommended room area, no more 30 m²
Room categories I, II, III, IV, V
UV-C radiation source ozone-free bactericidal lamp
Number of bactericidal lamps 3 pcs. pa 15 W
Effective resource for lamp operation, not less than 9000 st.
The wavelength of the dominant radiation 253.7 nm
UV-C radiation power 14.7 W
Air permeability 190 m³ / h
Programmable timer is a
Lamp performance indicators 3 pcs.
Dust filters 4 pcs .: 2 on the air inlet + 2 on the air outlet
Electrical connection 3-meter cable with plug
Operating variant stationary (wall-ceiling)
Recirculator power 15 W
Power consumption, not more than 44W
Power supply parameters 220 V / 50 Hz
Body material metal
Weight, not more than 3.4 kg
Overall dimensions 125х125х570 mm


Height: 13 cm

Width: 103 cm

Depth: 13 cm

Brutto weight: 5.6 kg

Netto weight: 5.6 kg

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